sparc-rtems-gcc "-pg" option

CLAUDIO SICILIA claudiosicilia at
Wed Feb 12 16:29:06 UTC 2003

Hy everybody!

I'd like to use the sparc-rtems-gcc with option "-pg" in order to profile
my C program.
There is a problem with the automatically instanced mcount() function, as

`undefined reference to "_mcount"`

with this command:

`sparc-rtems-gcc -S -pg -O my_prog.c -o my_prog.s`

Any suggestion about it?

Thanks in advance.

Claudio S.
 Ing. Claudio SICILIA, PhD Student
 University of Pisa
 Dept. Information Engineering
 Via Diotisalvi 2 - I56122 PISA - Italy
 mobile  : +39 328 185 62 33
 mailto   : claudio.sicila at

hom: +39 050 220 10 98
mob: +39 328 185 62 33

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