API modification request

Laurent Guerby guerby at acm.org
Mon Feb 3 23:10:05 UTC 2003

Till Straumann wrote:
> OK, let's recap the discussion:
> Me: I'd like to have the ISR passed a user argument,
>     i.e. not
>        typedef void (*rtems_irq_hdl)(void); /* current */
>     but
>        typedef void (*rtems_irq_hdl)(void *arg); /* proposed */

Stupid question, why not both with configuration time option
(with standard macro for #ifdef...) to activate support for the second?

typedef void (*rtems_irq_hdl_with_arg)(void *arg);

API is upward compatible,
performance is unchanged if the feature isn't used or not available,
but of course it adds one more option to a growing list.

(I've no idea of how often type type appears in the API
or its implementation.)

Laurent Guerby <guerby at acm.org>

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