Automatic Re-Building of BSP

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Feb 6 14:12:00 UTC 2003

Chris Caudle wrote:
> > The way I understood things, enabling maintainer
> > mode (--enable-maintainer-mode) caused any required
> > files to be updated when a make of  the user code
> > is performed.  Obviously, I am off base on this notion!
> When you build an application, typically your application code is compiled,
> and RTEMS is treated as a library which gets linked in.
> Are you perhaps confusing building your application and building RTEMS?
> When you build your application, your makefile will link in librtems.a,
> libbsp.a, etc. and will have no way of knowing whether the source files for
> those libraries have been changed or not.
> If you change the BSP, rebuild the RTEMS BSP, then rebuild your application
> once the RTEMS library files have been rebuilt.

Overnight, it occurred to me that this is the crux of the matter.  You
are logically building a system library. Normally, you don't include
in application dependencies.  When you write a Linux program, you
don't include <stdio.h> as a dependency. :)

It's just in this case, the entire OS is being replaced by your cycle.
So for safety, make clean on the application side after installing
Technically, this is probably only needed if you change an include file
otherwise you just want to link with updated binaries in the new RTEMS
libraries.  But amke clean on the application side to be safe.

> -- Chris Caudle

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