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Fabrizio Pirovano rtems.thysys at
Fri Feb 7 14:04:35 UTC 2003

Hi all,
from my application on coldfire targets I have evidence that  gcc3.2.1 is
affected  by a bug similar to PR8309 (if  I compile my code with optimization level> 0).

I obtain correct code (and all work fine)  if  I use the option  -O4 -fno-force-mem. (O4 or O1, O2 O3)

I am trying to investigate the problem:

from a C code as

short I
for(I=0; I<xx ;I++)

but located inside a function that use many dinamic variables,
I obtain from gcc an assembler code as:

move. w d0, 0x10(a6)                     (I=0 ;  I   is declared as  short
and 0x10(a6)  is his place)

moveq.l   #1,d5                              (I++)
add.l     d5,0x10(a6)        (!!!!! : correct code is add.w d5,0x10(a6)  )


Best regards

Fabrizio Pirovano

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