Powerpc IRQ handling breaks strict EABI compliance

Valette Eric eric.valette at free.fr
Mon Feb 10 22:05:06 UTC 2003

Till Straumann wrote:
> OK, I fixed the motorola/shared BSP to not clobber R2/R13 anymore.

Thanks a lot.

> However, the question remains:
>  - who is responsible for the setup (calling __eabi()) ?
>    RTEMS or application code?

I'm not sure we need to have to have all BSP being fully EABI compliant 
and thus frozing two registers. At least I'm not sure it was done on 
old-execption-handling compliant BSP. I think that what is important is 
that IRQ code does not prevent a specific BSP, or via a compilation 
option to be fully EABI compliant.

Now, if for some reason fully EABI compliant code is more efficient 
because the compiler optimize something that is worth having two 
register less,

My two cents,

-- eric

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