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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Feb 11 15:31:40 UTC 2003

Salman wrote:

> May I know how do the developers keep their working rtems platform
> up-to-date with other developers?
> do you use patches to update your snapshots? or is there an rtems CVS
> server around?

:pserver:anonymous at

Password --> anonymous

you can see the modules available at

But the key module is "rtems".

After you check out, you will have to run ./bootstrap from the top
of the source tree.
> I'm coding on rtems-4.5.0 using CVS, considering the major changes made
> to rtems since then, whats the easiest way for me to migrate my platform
> to latest rtems snapshot?

When given a submission that is from an old release, I generally take
code and ignore the configurery and Makefiles.  I copy comparable
and configurery from other places in the tree. Then I use the old ones
as reference material to fix the new versions.

If there are changes such as more shared code across BSPs, then this
might require some tinkering in your BSP.

I would also HIGHLY recommend a careful review of the linker script and
bsp_specs as part of the migration process.

In general, this doesn't take me too long.
> Salman

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