build & c tools

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Wed Feb 12 10:02:13 UTC 2003

Salman wrote:
> I'm using standard gnu build programs
> (ie automake-1.72, autconf-2.57, aclocal-1.72)
> not the rtems ones (eg automake-rtems-automake-1.7.2)
> are they any different ??
> furthermore, should the c-tools be updated if one wants to build the latest rtems snapshot?
> (i'm still using c-tools from rtems-4.5.0 decade)

Hi Salman,


You must _definitely_ use up-to date tools to build the newer snapshots
(and less obviously you must use out-of-date tools to build out-of-date

Generally the best idea is to get the c-tools from the same release 
directory as the snap shot you are trying to build.

Best regards


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