grepping the *** out of it

till strauman at
Thu Feb 13 06:30:54 UTC 2003

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>Have a look at NAME__MAIN in gcc/config/rs6000/eabi.*
>=> powerpc-eabi always uses __eabi instead of __main, cf. 
>grep NAME__MAIN gcc/* 
>grep NAME__MAIN gcc/config/*/*
BTW: Do you know 'rgrep' ? Ever since I discovered that wonderful utility
grep x/*/* is history for me...

rgrep -rl  <regexp>  <dir>

recursively greps directories. (Later versions of 'grep' also have the 
-r option
but rgrep also allows gives you '-R <filename>' to restrict the search 
to certain
filenames [e.g. use -R '*.h' to grep headers only[).
Perhaps the program I most often use these days ;-)

-- T.

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