Bugs in the PPC/shared interrupt code + dec21140

Valette Eric eric.valette at free.fr
Sun Feb 23 18:43:14 UTC 2003

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:

> It seems that RTEMS simply uses the default content of the
> PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE register, blindly using it as the vector.  It would
> be useful to include something in the revised irq api to provide some
> means of allocating vectors rather than simply picking arbitrary ones.
> Would traversing the vector list to find unused entries be enough?

The API I implemented provides isOn function and a call to get the full 
irq table... I do not know waht the new will bring.

The call is :
int BSP_rtems_irq_mngt_get(rtems_irq_global_settings**);

What I mean regarding IRQ names is that the Intel code will always us 
the irq value provided by the PCI configuration space while PPC will 
provide something else...

-- eric

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