Error building RTEMS - Possible tools config error

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Wed Feb 26 04:26:30 UTC 2003

Am Mit, 2003-02-26 um 05.14 schrieb Angelo Fraietta:
> I had an error attempting to build RTEMS. I did the following (from
> Eric' page)
>      1. ../rtems-ss-20030128/configure --target=i386-rtems
>         --prefix=/opt/rtems \
>            --enable-cxx --enable-rdbg --disable-tests
>         --enable-networking \
>            --enable-posix --enable-itron
>         <snip> 
>      2. Build and install RTEMS for one or more board-support packages
>         using the target architecture configured in the previous step.
>         The pc386 board support package which works on standard PC
>         hardware would be specified as: 
>         make RTEMS_BSP=pc386
> however I got an error that 
>     i386-rtems-g++ 
> was not present.
Do you need c++?

If not, just remove "--enable-cxx" from the configure call above
(rtems++ won't be built then). 

If you need c++, read on below.

>  I looked in /opt/rtems/bin and it was not there so I made a soft link
> from i386-rtems-cpp to i386-rtems-g++, i.e. 
>     ln -s i386-rtems-cpp i386-rtems-g++

cpp is the C-preprocessor
g++ is the C++-compiler

So, the symlink is wrong.

> The build seems to be taking place just fine now.

> Is it possible that there is a problem in building of the RTEMS
> toolset or have I done something wrong?
I think you missed to build and install <target>-g++.

Add c++ to the list of languages being passed to configure when
configuring gcc/newlib:
configure ... 


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