RTEMS Multihoming Configuration

Jitendra Vegiraju jvegiraju at netscape.net
Thu Jan 2 21:57:04 UTC 2003

Michael J. Siers wrote:

> Hi Jitendra,
> Could you please give me a few details on how you got this working.
>> Does the RTEMS TCP/IP stack support multihoming (i.e. multiple IP 
>> addresses for
>> a single physical ethernet adapter)?
> I have tried this sometime ago. It worked for me for whatever little 
> testing I did.
> -Jitendra Vegiraju
I have added support for SIOCAIFADDR and SIOCDIFADDR ioctl calls to 
rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig function.
We have submitted this RTEMS patch about three months back. It should be 
in the latest snapshots.
Make sure that your snapshot has this support. Look in rtems_glue.c file 
for rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig() function.

 From you application  initialize ifaliasreq data structure with your 
interface information and  call  rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig(ifname, 
Hope this helps.
Jitendra Vegiraju

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