Fwd:Re: MPCI Layer problem

Francesco Poletti fpoletti at libero.it
Tue Jan 7 18:31:12 UTC 2003

I have seen to the function _RTEMS_tasks_MP_Process_packet in the file
cpukit/rtems/src/taskmp.c. as Joel suggested: all seem works well...
I think that the problem may be in the formulation of the packet or in the
object table. If anyone can help me to found the formulation of the packet and
the object table structure I will be very happy! :-)
Tanks to all Francesco. 
Francesco Poletti wrote:
> Hy, I have booted rtems on my two arm simulator, for implementing MPCI Layer
> I'm using the shared memory, like this I use the driver in the shmdr
> dyrectory.
> I'm using a little test examples in which every node generate a global task
> and after call:
> rtems_task_ident( Task_name[ remote_node ], RTEMS_SEARCH_ALL_NODES,
> &test_tid);
> That function returned invalid object, I have looked into the MPCI layer using
> the debugger and I have seen that when the node generate the global task
> there is a right communication with the other node, but after the
> rtems_task_ident there isn't communication beetwen the node...
> Where the node put the Object table? Where can understand how this table
> function?

For each class of object, there is local and global object id
It is maintained on each node.  The creation of that task should have
in an entry being added to the global object table for classic tasks on
other node.

See if you get to the RTEMS_TASKS_MP_ANNOUNCE_CREATE case lable in the
function _RTEMS_tasks_MP_Process_packet in the file

> Thanks to all Francesco.

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