outstanding gcc PRs

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Jan 9 22:01:18 UTC 2003


I have attempted to update my list of the gcc PRs that I have filed 
or am tracking.  I am doing this in anticipation of updating things 
to the gcc 3.3 branch.  So if you have a PR that impacts an RTEMS 
gcc target, I would like to know about it.  [# indicates I think
it is resolved.]

3270 - [i386-elf] ICE compiling libobjc on i386 for soft-float
3587 - [arc-elf] GCC 3.0-CVS multilib problem
3590 - [m32r-elf] GCC 3.0-CVS bad assembly
3799 - [fr30-elf] fails to build on 3.0-CVS
3801 - [mn10200-elf] fails to build on 3.0-CVS
3922 - [sparc-elf] embedded target makes UNIX calls
3940 - [fr30-elf] gcc-30-cvs 20010802 fails to build fortran
# 6172 - [fr30-elf] Nick Clifton patch untested
# 8309 - [m68k-elf] -m5200 produces erroneous SImode set of short var on
8343 - [m68k-elf] 3.2 regression ICE at instantiate_virtual_regs_1
8344 - [mips-rtems] Ada build problem (have uncommitted fix)
8833 - [avr-elf] bad asm compiling locale-inst.cc
8834 - [d30v-elf] ICE during bootstrap
8835 - [mcore-elf] bootstrap ICE at expr.c:2771
8908 - [fr30-elf] fails with ICE building newlib
9248 - [m68k-rtems] compiling C++ file from ACE causes ICE
9255 - [m68k-rtems] compiling newlib libm (-m68000)


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