MVME 2400/2301/162/167 BSPs

voux poupli vouxx at
Tue Jan 14 16:08:27 UTC 2003


I am new to RTEMS. I have downloaded ver 4.5.

I also downloaded the bare BSP.

I was hoping to find a BSP for MVME 2400/2301/162/167
BSPs. Preferably, MVME2400 and/or MVME162.

Are they avaiable somewhere? Are they open source? Can
someone send them to me?

Also, maybe I will get a RTFM for this. But once we
have an executive (or kernel!?) how do we download it
to a target?

Does RTEMS include a boot loader? I am from VxWorks
background. Maybe if someone draws analogies, it will

A document on this will be great for many developers
trying on RTEMS. Maybe once I am done, I may write
something. Hope to have a good time with RTEMS.


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