debugging realtek 8139 driver

M.C.Shao shaomingchao97 at
Thu Jan 16 14:25:07 UTC 2003

Eric Norum <norume at>
>The error message indicates that the sytem has run out of file/socket
>descriptors.  Assuming that this message is correct (i.e. that your
>driver is not returning an incorrect error code somewhere) you need only
>to increase the number of descriptors in the system.  In your init.c:
>Of course, if your driver is causing the system to leak file/socket
>descriptors increasing the number will just delay the problem....
Thank you very much, and thanks to all.As you said, I have fixed this problem,and
test the 8139 driver sucessfully according to the network supplement.(Untill now,
it seems that ^_^) . 

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