problems in building multi processor applications

Francesco Poletti fpoletti at
Mon Jan 20 16:16:58 UTC 2003

   I had succesfully build rtems for my multi arm simulator, then I run the
mptests routine and all works. 
Now I want to build a sample application but I received this error:
mpci.h: No such file or directory

that happened when I hadded to the file test.c:

#define NODE_NUMBER 1

I have looked into the build routines and I found mpci.h in the directory:
but I don't found the shm_driver.h.
Another strange things was that I found in the
rtemsmulti/arm-rtems/arm_bare_bsp/lib directory the no-mp.rel file.
I don't know the scope of that file but I found the name really "strange"...

Thanks to anyone which help me!

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