problems in building rtems application with libtecla add-on package

M.C.Shao ShaoMingchao97 at
Tue Jan 21 03:59:27 UTC 2003

I am building an i386-rtems application with libtecla support.But some problems happened, the following are the error messages about libtecla:
... ...
/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/libtecla_r.a(stringrp.o)(.text+0x45): more undefined references to `stderr' follow
/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/libtecla_r.a(direader.o): In function `_dr_path_is_dir':
direader.o(.text+0x301): undefined reference to `__xstat'
/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/libtecla_r.a(homedir.o): In function `_new_HomeDir':
homedir.o(.text+0x2a): undefined reference to `stderr'
homedir.o(.text+0x58): undefined reference to `__errno_location'
homedir.o(.text+0xba): undefined reference to `stderr'
/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/libtecla_r.a(homedir.o): In function `_hd_lookup_home_dir':
homedir.o(.text+0x162): undefined reference to `stderr'
/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/libtecla_r.a(homedir.o): In function `hd_getpwd':
homedir.o(.text+0x37e): undefined reference to `__xstat'
homedir.o(.text+0x397): undefined reference to `__xstat'
/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/libtecla_r.a(cplfile.o): In function `_new_CompleteFile':
cplfile.o(.text+0x29): undefined reference to `stderr'
... ...

My rtems version is ss-20021007, add-on packages version is 20021119, libtecla-1.4.1 included.
Any suggestions are appreciated.Thanks in advance.
best wishes,

Shao Mingchao
Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084
Email:shaomingchao97 at
Tel:86-10-6278 4552 

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