makefiles and CVS

Salman unix at
Fri Jan 24 13:01:27 UTC 2003

Hey guys,

I have a package here, which has its own makefile, and provides a single
object file, which should be loaded as module into the linux kernel.

Now, i've modified the code to load into rtems, and it should be placed
in /libbsp/i386/pc386 directory. but i'm confused regarding Makefiles.

RTEMS doc, states are the only makefiles required and the
configure script generates other makefiles from this. Can anyone suggest
how can I go about extracting files out of exisitng

I am now starting to modify rtems code as well, and would like to do
this with aid of CVS, but when importing source files, it neglects
Makefiles and configure scripts, has anyone experienced this problem



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