Need a hint on GNAT/RTEMS

Steve steved94 at
Mon Jan 27 05:27:10 UTC 2003

I installed RTEMS RPMS on Red Hat 7.2.
I have successfully built and booted the hello_world_c example app.

When I use the command:
  i386-rtems-gcc -c -S hello.adb

A hello.s file is created that looks like a bunch of assembly language as

I couldn't find a Hello_world_ada source so I made my own.  It compiles and
runs native on Linux, so I have reason to believe the source is correct.

How do I build the thing to get a new hello.exe for RTEMS?

The manuals describe files that I haven't been able to find in RTEMS 4.5.  I
suspect they are out of date.  I have not been able to find the
hello_world_ada example described in the manual.

Thanks in advance,
(The Duck)

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