RTEMS SS-20030128 available

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Jan 28 20:55:56 UTC 2003

A new RTEMS snapshot is available.  I hope this is the last snapshot
before a release branch is forked.  It is available in


A number of nits fixed, loopback network test added to samples,
and BSD sysctl() interface supported for the TCP/IP stack.  This
allows the standard SNMP package to work with RTEMS.  The BSP Howto
has been updated to reflect use of automake and the Getting Started
has the versions updated.

A few of the Ada binding tests link and run now but the Makefiles
need some magic before they all will.

Feedback greatly appreciated.  I am mentally setting a timer and
if there are no bad reports, when it goes off the release branch
is forked.

FWIW I am not merging the API change to rtems_io_register_name.
It will be a post release item.

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