undefined reference to "stderr" "stdout" "stdin"... with libteclain add-on-packages 20030120

M.C.Shao ShaoMingchao97 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Thu Jan 23 07:48:45 UTC 2003

sorry, I didn't receive that email.My campus email server is not very stable recently:(.

I built rtems add-on packages with the "bit" shell script under the packages source directory.
Then there must be problems with the "bit" script?
 If I build libtecla seperately, where to specify which headers to use?
thanks so much.

Shao Mingchao
"Please cc to mcshao at 21cn.com my another email box."

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  Subject: Re: undefined reference to "stderr" "stdout" "stdin"... with libteclain add-on-packages 20030120

  As I replied already (to your EPICS tech-talks posting), it seems that you improperly built libtecla, probably using your host compiler instead of the rtems cross compiler.

  '_IO_putc' and 'stderr' are both symbols used by glibc but not by rtems/newlib.
  When building libtecla, your compiler apparently used glibc headers instead
  of newlibc.

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