ss-20030703 released

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Jul 3 15:15:15 UTC 2003

A new RTEMS snapshot (ss-22030703) is available at  

Highlights that are not tracked to a PR include:

  + Usual evolution and cleanup in build infrastructure
  + Update to pc386 HOWTO for GRUB and PXE Netboot BIOS
  + Addition of rtems_termios_bufsize() to change termios
    buffer size.
  + Warning cleanup
  + Cleanup of conflicting symbols in pppd
  + Fix in bsp.make to satisfy Solaris /bin/sh
  + Documentation updates to reflect cpukit
  + gcc 3.2.3 and newlib 1.11.0 RPM updates 
  + Automake updated to 1.7.5

It closes the following PRs:

 264/bsps         - ods68302 makes m68k-rtems-ld core dump
 321/bsps         - PROFILE-variant does not apply *_p.a
 393/networking   - dec2114x must not free DMA rings
 397/pppd         - undefined reference to `peer_mru'
 399/rtems_misc   - termios reads too much data in canonical mode
 405/bsps         - Enhanced motorola_shared bsp, bootloader, dec21140,
 406/networking   - inet_ntop needs INET_ADDRSTRLEN 
 409/rtems        - Replace {rtems_][un]signed[8!!16!32!64] by c99
stdint.h types
 411/filesystem   - Renaming a memfile and then unlinking it causes a
memory leak
 412/make_build   - unix targets top level Makefile broken
 414/bsps         - ods68302 fixes
 415/bsps         - add support for MCP / machine check exception to
ppc/shared BSP

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