RTEMS port for MPC555 (ec555 light board)

Aakash Jain ajain at syseng.anu.edu.au
Mon Jul 7 05:39:49 UTC 2003

Hey folks,

We have the ec555 light module (with the MPC555 chip) from Wuerz
Elektronik, supporting 448 kb of internal flash, 1MB SRAM and 2 RS232
drivers. We are planning to use this board in the development of a
cluster of small AUVs to test and develop underwater communications
protocols. Each AUV will be carrying one of these boards and instead of
writing some bare-bone code I am thinking of a little more flexible
tasking system, which of course requires some OS or runtime-environment

So, this brought me to looking for RTOSs, and the two that seem
interesting (mainly since they're royalty free) are eCos and RTEMS.
RTEMS seems to provide a straight cross-compiler for Ada95, whereas eCos
does not support Ada95 (or am I wrong?). This would make RTEMS a more
desirable option, provided some support to port RTEMS to my target board
is available.

Therefore, my question: is anyone working on or knows of anyone who has
successfully managed to port RTEMS to my target board (ec555) or any
MPC555 based board? Does a port or BSP for the MPC555 exist? Any help on
this matter or related matters would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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