gcc-3.2.3, windows98, cygwin, no luck

Phil Torre ptorre at zetron.com
Wed Jul 30 01:59:23 UTC 2003

As a follow-up to my earlier message:

I've now got everything working except powerpc-rtems-gcc.  As a sanity
check, I grabbed the pre-built binaries off of ftp.oarcorp.com to
try.  On a windows98 box, they fail exactly as the ones I built did.

On a C file that does nothing but multiply two ints together, compile
only, no linking, I get an ICE in fold-const.c in size_binop().
The same thing running on a windows2000 box does not exhibit the error.

Has anyone out there run into this, or do we have the last developers
on Earth who are using windows98?  :)



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