TCP/IP for small memory devices

Derick Hammond derick at
Wed Jul 9 00:49:41 UTC 2003

Hi Joel, Eric:

I was perhaps a little misleading in my last post.

The specifications of the target board are:

         512KByte EPROM used .text
         128KByte RAM used for .data .bss and heap

Does this improve my chances with the RTEMS TCP/IP Stack?


At 07:31 PM 8/07/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Derick Hammond wrote:
>>Hello All:
>>Is there a document that suggests ways of tailoring the RTEMS 
>>implementation of the TCP/IP stack for small memory foot-prints?
>>The target board that I am writing my application for has a total of 
>>128KBytes of RAM, and I would like suggestions on how I can use the RTEMS 
>>TCP/IP stack in this memory foot-print.
>Is this the total for code, data, bss, heap, etc?  Or do you have some 
>Flash/Rom for code space?
>The code space for an application with TCP/IP is usually over 128K.  I 
>recall 256K being the
>ballpark number on a 68k.
>>   Or would it be worthwhile porting TinyIP to RTEMS?
>Most certainly, yes.  It is designed for lower memory footprints.
>There are others including  I don't know 
>which would be the best to
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Derick Hammond

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