Another autotool question: installing multiple files

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Wed Jul 16 02:40:25 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 22:24, Till Straumann wrote:
> Ralf.
> I have another question:
> It seems that
> $(INSTALL_DATA)  file1 file2 file3 dir
> doesn't work on all platforms - some 'install' variants
> apparently allow only for a single file to be installed.
Exactly. In addition to that you have to test for existence, rsp. create
the "dir" in advance to invoking the "copying"-install.

> What can I do to install multiple files - do I have to
> code a  loop myself?
Generally speaking, yes, but ...

.. if using automake, automake will do this for you (You have just
discovered one (minor) reason why automake exists ;-)) All you need to
do then is to have something similar to this in your

mydirdir = dir
mydir_DATA = file1 file2 file3

[Here, mydir is the make variable containing your "dir".]

Wrt. RTEMS, however, there is one problem with automake:

Automake does not support the kind of preinstallation RTEMS applies,
therefore you have to resort to manually written make-rules for
preinstallation (cf. the PREINSTALL* vars in RTEMS-Makefiles).


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