Flash Filesystems

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Thu Jul 17 01:19:41 UTC 2003

On Wed July 16 2003 6:03 pm, Chris Johns wrote:
> We have the DOSFS code working with compact flash cards.

Watch out for sector lifetime when using DOSFS.  The FAT normally goes to 
the same sector, so if you change files a lot (extend, add, delete, etc.) 
you can change the FAT so many times that it wears out.  Usually only a 
problem if you have files into the thousands, but something to consider.
Typical write lifespan of Flash would be on the order of 100 000, but the 
FAT could be updated multiple times for each file.  One person reported 
problems with flash disk failure after copying on the order of 25 000 
files when using FAT file system.

Chris Caudle

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