Basic porting of RTEMS on flash chip for i386 board

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Wed Jul 23 19:39:28 UTC 2003


I have once got the pc386 BSP running out of flash (on a AMD 
Elan520 CPU). There was one thing I had to change, if I have 
it in mind correctly it was an interrupt descriptor that was 
placed in the code section (flash) instead of data section 
(initialized RAM). If you want details, I can check this up.

The Elan520 board I used (from Forth Systems) had a special 
JTAG utilitiy to program the flash device.


> Dear Joel,
> 		Im presently working on a 386ex board with CAN and
> Ethernet which has flash and DRAM memory on it. There is actually
> nothing on the board(No OS).
> Im want to use RTEMS on the board. But I do not know how to program the
> flash. Is there any special way of compiling RTEMS for flash memory, so
> that I can use the compiled RTEMS and program the flash using a flash
> programmer? 
> How do I test if the board has booted the OS or not? Do I need a file
> system on the flash memory?
> Aditya.

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