Rtems support dosfs on floppy disk?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri Jul 25 17:08:49 UTC 2003

Eugeny Mints wrote:
> Hi,
> As to dosfs - the answer is yes - dosfs implements FAT12 used on floppy
> disks.
> But right now it is impossible to use dosfs on floppy because floppy
> disks have another (not ATA) interface and currently there is now low
> level floppy driver in rtems (as I know). But I remember that some time
> ago somebody announced utilization of floppy disk with rtems.
> Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide any useful references:(

There might be something useful in 

At one point, there were two competing FAT filesystem implementations.
This is just a FAT12 implementation though so was the other one was
picked and merged.  The FAT implementation Eugeny was part of the 
team for includes a block device driver interface and caching support.

The FAT12 was by Camilo Alejandro Arboleda <carboleda at angelcomsa.com>
includes a floppy device driver but it precedes the libblock code so
would have to be modified to use that interface.

I would be very happy to merge floppy disk support along with 
some READMEs.

> Bw,
>                         Eugeny
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> Subject: Rtems support dosfs on floppy disk?
> Hi,
>   I want to know if RTEMS support dos file system on a
> floppy disk?
> And are there any difference from on a
> hard disk?

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