How to build Unix BSP ?

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Mon Jul 28 10:37:26 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 11:13, Cedric Aubert wrote:
> Ok thanks I will try configure without option.
> In fact I try with -enable-rtemsbsp=posix and
> -target=i386-rtems.
> And doesn't work.
Yes, this doesn't work, because the posix-BSP is member of the
"unix"-CPU-family, not of the i386-CPU-family.

FYI: The "unix"-CPU family is the "RTEMS-emulation" ontop of a unix-OS.
It is supposed to be configured with the target-name of the OS you want
to run it ontop off. 
I.e: --target=i386-pc-linux-gnu for linux, or
--target=sparc-sun-solaris5.7 for Solaris5.7, 
--target=i386-pc-cygwin for Cygwin etc.

If running configure without "--target", the configure script with check
your build-host's system, will implicitly use the value it detects and
will build unix/posix for this system.

So unless you want to cross-build unix/posix (Known not to work with
rtems-4.5 and known to be troublesome for some targets with
rtems-4.6.x), the defaults are what you want and you normally don't have
to specify "--target" for unix/posix.


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