Building 4.6.0pre4 with Cygwin on windoze9x

Ed Sutter els at
Tue Jul 29 20:39:26 UTC 2003

I am running with Cygwin on Win2000 and just used the prebuilt
binaries (for cross-compilation of powerpc).
Any particular reason why you need to build the tools from scratch?

Phil Torre wrote:
> I'm trying to build the toolchain for 4.6.0pre4, and Cygwin is
> sucking my will to live.  Details:
> binutils/gcc/newlib/rtems from the cd-working directory on
> Originally tried to build on a windoze95 machine using a pretty old
> copy of Cygwin (1.1.3 or so).  The builds would fail in various places
> like "configure checking how long a command line can be", by simply
> locking up tight and requiring the three finger salute.
> The next attempt was building the same source against a newer Cygwin
> (1.3.22 this time), on an NT4 box.  Everything built without error,
> but the resulting binaries don't run on our windows98 machines (which
> sadly they must).  They just dump core.
> Tried the build on a windows98 box with Cygwin 1.3.22, and got the
> same lock-ups as in the first round.
> I don't see anything on the Cygwin list or here that sounds like a
> similar problem.  Any hints from those more knowledgable of Cygwin
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Phil
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