Improvements to DOSFS

Chris Johns cjohns at
Thu Jul 31 00:08:50 UTC 2003

Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> today I have added three PRs (439-441) to RTEMS gnatsweb. 
> These PR have patches for the following issues:
> 1. Adding rename functionality to DOSFS
> 2. Improvment of data write speed
> 3. Flush of temporary data buffer when closing a file to make 
> removing of media or poweroff of system without "unmount" more 
> reliable

I have the disk performance test program Bonnie running on RTEMS.

I could place a copy on the RTEMS ftp incoming directory if you are interested in 
running it with your changes. Let me know and I will upload it.

> 2. Improvement of write data speed

On the subject of performance, I noticed in the ATA driver:

in function:

  ata_io_data_request ()

the following code:

     areq = malloc(sizeof(ata_req_t));
     if (areq == NULL)
         return RTEMS_NO_MEMORY;

Does this mean each ATA request is performing a malloc ?

  Chris Johns, cjohns at cybertec . com . au

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