Eric Norum norume at
Sun Jun 1 23:35:09 UTC 2003

I'm looking for people who have experience running RTEMS on the 
Motorola MVME167 card.  I'm trying to run EPICS (Experimental Physics 
and Industrial Control System) with RTEMS on this card but I'm not 
having much luck.  Something seems to corrupt memory after several 
minutes of operation.  The stack checker reports that the IDLE task has 
blown its stack although this seems unlikely to me, given that I've 
tried giving as much as 80 kbytes to the IDLE task!   My suspicion is 
that the network driver or tty driver are misbehaving and writing 
garbage into the system workspace but I've got no real way to check 
this (I *really* wish that the 68040 had watchpoint registers like the 
68360).   I have had to make some modifications to the BSP to get it to 
work on a system booted from vxWorks PROMS rather than 167-BUG, but as 
far as I can tell these changes should not affect the operation of the 
system once it's running.
If there's anyone out there using these antiques with a large RTEMS 
application (successfully!) I'd like to here from you.
Eric Norum <norume at>
Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory
(630) 252-4793

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