GDB - Query Section Offset

Raja Saleru iap_sraja at
Wed Jun 11 02:39:31 UTC 2003

Hi, I have query related gdb and gdbserver communication.
Query Section Offset(qOffset)
This request sent by the gdb to determine what relocation, if any, the
target applies to applications and data during the download process.  
Target responds with the offsets it applies to the application`s .text,  
data,   .bss  sections.
Does this request supports in cross compiled gdbserver for sh-elf ?
where this request is implemented in gdb ? which source file / function ?
Where the corresponding request is handled in gdbserver ? which source file
/ function ?
If the gdbserver doesn't returning the requested value... I can I
implemented the same ?
Any example code if possible.
Any more details regarding this will be usefull.
Raja Saleru
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