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Not sure this is your case but...

Have in mind that if you open file and then delete it, directory entry
deleted immediately, but file itself (cluster chain on the disk) will
be deleted only when all tasks close this file. If the system shutdown
keeping the files opened, lost chains may occurs.


Angelo Fraietta wrote:

> This has occurred again. It appears that the fsync is not actually 
> working correctly. It looks like I will have to modify my code so I do 
> not reboot at the end - or at least wait a while
> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>> I found a free chkdsk program on the free dos site
>> I had a free cluister in the file. This found and fixed it (or at 
>> least let me oiverwrite it)
>> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>> I am having trouble sometimes if I get a corrupted file on a dos fs 
>>> -- I suspect lost chains or the likes. The files says it opens fine, 
>>> however, it does not get written. I suspect that the file has become 
>>> corrupt because if I go to a dos prompt and physically delete the 
>>> file, it works.
>>> This is a rare occurrence, however, I have had it three times today.
>>> Does anyone know of a diagnostic that will run through the 
>>> filesystem and fix these types of error. I just need to be able to 
>>> overwrite the corrupt file.
>>> Any suggestions?

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