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Tue Jun 3 22:12:03 UTC 2003

Victor V. Vengerov wrote:

> Angelo,
> Not sure this is your case but...
> Have in mind that if you open file and then delete it, directory entry
> deleted immediately, but file itself (cluster chain on the disk) will
> be deleted only when all tasks close this file. If the system shutdown
> keeping the files opened, lost chains may occurs.
I was not actually deleting it -- I was trying to overwrite it.
The file was written, however, because I rebooted immediately after performing fsync and then fclose, I got an empty cluster.  This in turn prevented me from writing to file again even after rebooting. I wait 1 second now before rebooting now and this seems to be OK now. I would say this is because fsync is done before fclose. It would be nice to be able to force a complete sync of the drive, knowing it was done instead of just waiting 1 second. Maybe later 1 second will not be enough?

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