RTEMS and Motorola 68000

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I'm currently using RTEMS with a 68302 processor, which does not have a
22 bits wide address bus. The core of this processor is a 68000, and it
works pretty well. I advise you to start with a BSP for the 68302, such
as ods68302 or gen68302, and remove some processor specific parts. Be
careful with your GCC too, some old versions may introduce illegal
instruction (that are OK on a 68020 but not on a 68000).

Hope this helps...

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I am new to the list and to rtems to.
I want to known if RTEMS have support
for motorola 68000 processors.

I have found that it's should work with
68k processor, but I found on the documentation
that it's ok for 68xxx and 683xx but it's write
like 68020. But I use a real 68000 the first of
motorola (at 16Mhz), not the 32 bits adress bus
The 68K, I use it's the adress bus had 22 bits.
Of course without MMU.

Is RTEMS support the first mc68000 processor ?

Sorry if my question is stupid but many system
support 32bits 68k but not the 22bits 68k (ucLinux for
example, if I don't lose my mind :-).

Thanks a lot

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