4.6pre1, make VARIANT=DEBUG, no librtems++_g.a

Wendell Thompson wthompson at dsg-test.com
Tue Mar 4 02:53:19 UTC 2003

I've built 4.6pre1 for a custom bsp, with VARIANT=DEBUG.

Building the app (make VARIANT=DEBUG) dies:

m68k-rtems-gcc: /opt/rtems/m68k-rtems/clc5206_am/lib/librtems++_g.a: No 
such file or directory

It appears that everything else in lib built correctly, but not 

wentho at linux:/opt/rtems/m68k-rtems/clc5206_am> ls lib
bsp_specs        linkcmds        no-io_g.rel      no-rtmon_g.rel
include          linkcmds.flash  no-mp_g.rel      no-sem_g.rel
librtems++.a     no-dpmem_g.rel  no-msg_g.rel     no-signal_g.rel
librtemsbsp_g.a  no-event_g.rel  no-part_g.rel    no-timer_g.rel
librtemscpu_g.a  no-ext_g.rel    no-region_g.rel  start_g.o

Suggestions will be appreciated.

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