contiguous physical memory allocation

Salman unix at
Tue Mar 4 14:47:25 UTC 2003

hi guys,

i'm looking for a function in rtems which allocates contiguous physical
memory (somewhat similar to memalign in vxworks)

I don't need it to be of variable size, so I thought rtems partition
would be of best fit.

would rtems_partition_create do the job ? or is there a better function
in rtems ?

I see it says "The memory area will be divided into as many buffers of
buffer_size bytes as possible", would this imply it wouldn't necessarily
be contiguous unless i set buffer_size=length ?

It seems I also need to provide the "starting_address", is there any
way/function that I can let the rtems choose the starting_adress, and
return the starting_address to me (like malloc)?



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