question on erc32 simulator

Fabrizio Sebastiani sebastiani at
Wed Mar 5 11:10:37 UTC 2003

Im working on a sparc-rtems crosscompiling under linux/ia32
for the ERC32 architecture.

The simulator (sis command) works fine with gdb (dddx command), but I 
have the problem to make
it works correctly: because i have not the real hardware i need to 
simulate in some way the stimulation coming from the external world 
(buses, interrupts,memory mapped periferals). It would be enough for me 
to be able to write in some memory location of the simulated 
environment, in some elegant way.

I think about 2 ways at the moment:

1) add a special task that write in some way at specified periferal 
memory mapped-address

2) try to add network capability (but, does it work in the simulator?)
that is able to get data acquisition from a socket for example

Which way looks nice? Maybe some alternative?

Tnks for feed back to me

Fabrizio Sebastiani <sebastiani at>
Via B. Baldanzellu, 8 - 00155 Roma - ITALY
tel +39 06 40801173 - fax +39 06 40801283

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