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Thu Mar 6 04:21:31 UTC 2003

I hope to be presenting a paper at the International Computer Music 
Conference this year and have given quite a positive blurb about RTEMS
(Some of you are cited and acknowledged - so thanks)

You can have a read of the draft at:

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>Erwin Rol wrote:
>>On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 05:22, Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>>I am writing a paper and want to cite the URL that has many of the
>>>projects people are using RTEMS for.
>>>Could some forward that to me please?
>>It is not an URL with many RTEMS project , but maybe interesting to know
>>anyway. trantechnik ( ) uses RTEMS in both their dimmer
>>processors (FDX2000) and their ethernet DMX converters ( E-Gate
>>Plus/Pro/Max ).
>>For anybody in Germany that every watched, Pro7/SAT1/ARD/WRD/ZDF/etc. or
>>went to any of the major theaters here or in Austria, you would have
>>been watching a black screen or dark stage without RTEMS :-) Or when any
>>of you saw the Euro Vision song contest, that also used E-Gates for
>>their DMX distribution, and hence would have been impossible without
>Thanks.  I added an html-ized version of this to my apps page.  if you
>have more direct URLs to those products or want to correct the text I
>added, please ping me.  See
>FWIW I also keep a list of papers referencing RTEMS so please ping
>me if something needs to be added.  Start at
>>- Erwin
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