Building latest tools for Coldfire

Mike Siers mikes at
Wed Mar 12 16:53:12 UTC 2003

I have an older Coldfire bsp that I want to get working
with the latest RTEMS snapshot.  I am using OpenBSD as
my host system so I need to build the tools from the
source code.  I have successfully built the tools for both
the i386 and arm platforms but I have a few questions about
the m68k/coldfire platform.

1) Are there any specific patches that I should use for the
   Coldfire with the latest gnu tools?

2) Is there a way to tell gcc to only build support for the
   Coldfire processor?  I am just trying to save some time in
   compiling gcc.

3) What configure options should I be using to build gcc? 
   I used the options below but when I link I noticed that
   the crti.o and crtn.o files were not built and copied to 
   the appropriate spot.  I built the files manually but
   my application is dying at startup time.

   ../gcc-3.2.1/configure --target=m68k-rtems --with-gnu-ld
                          --with-gnu-as --with-newlib
                          --enable-threads --prefix=/opt/rtems

Any thoughts, comments, or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Siers

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