Downloading to sparc target

Carl Petersen cpetersen at
Thu Mar 20 00:12:35 UTC 2003

I have been able to compile and build rtems 4.5.0 on a solaris 2.8 host and a winNT/cygwin host for a sparc target.

I have successfully built the hello world example from both hosts and run it successfully through the gdb simulator.

My question is, what is my next step in getting that 'hello world' example to run on an actual sparc target?

We have all sorts of sun platforms here at work. I really don't have much experience with sun/sparc/solaris.

Should I be trying to locate a platform with a particular type of CPU?

Is it possible that some sort of Boot loader downloads the 'hello world' ( possibly by TFTP ) and runs it?

Any assistance or pointers to some reference material would be greatly appreciated.


Carl Petersen

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