exception when initializing web_server

M.C.Shao ShaoMingchao97 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Tue Mar 25 06:59:01 UTC 2003

To all,
  hello, my friends, I have run the rtems ftpd successsfully, but encount problems when use rtems_initialize_webserver(),
when the web server initialization functions is called, the following exception message was printed on the console:

Exception 0 caught at PC 11EB43 by thread 167837703
Processor execution content at time of the fault was:
EAX = 32    EBX = 32    ECX = 0    EDX = 0
ESI = 7FDE64C    EPI = 0     EBP = 3ABDDC    ESP = 3ABD80
Error code pushed by processor itself (if not 0) = 0
***********FAULTY THREAD WILL BE DELETED*************
webserver initialized

source code is like this:
printf("webserver initialized\n");

To jeol Sherrill:
    The header file "tmacros.h" is no use, and "#include <bsp.h>" is lost in file init.c of "http" test application.
And I exclude "system.h" from init.c, add "#include <condefs.h>" and "rtems_task Init( rtems_task_argument argument);", to make "http" application compiled.
Shao Mingchao
Engineering Physics Department
Tsinghua University

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