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Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>Am Don, 2003-03-06 um 07.10 schrieb Angelo Fraietta:
>>Exactly! The build is perfect, with no errors, however, when I try to
>>run the executables produced in the samples director, they just won't
>Well, my magic crystal ball currently is on vacation ;)
I assumed that by looking at the output console messages, you would be 
able to see exacly what is being compiled and by what, thuis giving some 
indication as to what has been done wrong.

>>They crash in various ways. I test the samples from the snapshots that
>>I have working and they work fine.
>>So I am lost as to why the samples won't run.
>More details, please.
Ticker and unlimited cause an exception message to scroll all the time 
with both pc386 and pc386dx (run on Pentium 200)
with the exception of unlimited built with pc386 which writes a message 
similar to the ones I built with the previous snapshot (message posted 
28 Feb)
   I get the message
   TEST1: auto-extend disabled
   TEST1: creating task 'aa00', number = 0, ide = 0a010002, starting

with the exception that the screen becomes completely white after the 
word starting to the bottom of the screen.

>Do the samples run if having been built under i386-linux?
Yes -- those log files are from the Linux machine. I saved the buffer from within emacs so you should be able to see what commands I typed.

I have deleted and rebuilt the tools twice. I have not tried on OSX with the pre-release.

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