Building latest tools for Coldfire

Mike Siers mikes at
Thu Mar 13 15:19:29 UTC 2003

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the reply.  I think I got things working by going out
and getting the latest gcc patch file for RTEMS and rebuilding
the world.  The latest patch must include the fix for PR324.

Also, I am glad the LKM for gdb is working for you.  I developed
that driver but due to some hardware problems I no longer have
access it.  Could you please forward me a copy of the LKM driver?
What version of gdb are you using with it?

Is it possible to get the Open/NetBSD driver into the standard
gdb-bdm package that you maintain?  I used the FreeBSD driver as
my starting point and I would like to make sure the OpenBSD/NetBSD
driver is available to anyone who needs it.

Mike Siers

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On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 10:53:12AM -0600, Mike Siers wrote:
> I have an older Coldfire bsp that I want to get working with the
> latest RTEMS snapshot.  I am using OpenBSD as my host system so I need
> to build the tools from the source code.  I have successfully built
> the tools for both the i386 and arm platforms but I have a few
> questions about the m68k/coldfire platform.

I do m68k from NetBSD/i386. good to see more BSD users around here.  ;)

> 1) Are there any specific patches that I should use for the Coldfire
>    with the latest gnu tools?

yes... see below.

> 2) Is there a way to tell gcc to only build support for the Coldfire
>    processor?  I am just trying to save some time in compiling gcc.

there should be... I'm in a similar situation as you, except I build
exclusively for cpu32, and don't need coldfire (or any other multilib)
support.  now would be as good a time to update my gcc, so I'll look
into this.

> 3) What configure options should I be using to build gcc?  I used the
>    options below but when I link I noticed that the crti.o and crtn.o
>    files were not built and copied to the appropriate spot.  I built
>    the files manually but my application is dying at startup time.
>    ../gcc-3.2.1/configure --target=m68k-rtems --with-gnu-ld
>                           --with-gnu-as --with-newlib
>                           --enable-threads --prefix=/opt/rtems

that looks correct, although I personally don't enable threads and
typically build everything (except gdb) from a unified one-pass tree.

as for the crti/crto issue, see PR 324 at
this (and other RTEMS-specific) patches also were integrated into gcc
3.2.2 so it might be less work just use that.  there should also be
diffs up on

make sure your linker script is pulling these in crti/crto as well.  I
(and others) can provide examples if you'd like.

I also have an {Open,Net}BSD/i386 LKM for BDM that was passed on to me a
while back if anybody's interested.  (I use it daily under NetBSD/i386.)

  Aaron J. Grier  |   Frye Electronics, Tigard, OR   |  aaron at

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