Does rtems have a portable, sort-of calibrated time-wastingloop?

Eric Norum norume at
Wed Mar 26 15:07:55 UTC 2003

gregory.menke at wrote:

> I'm porting the Linux 3com driver and in a couple places it waits on
> the hardware- usually a quick test with a fallback to longer and
> longer intervals with either eventual success or failure.  I've not
> found any of these waits in the rx/tx isr yet- but theres not
> telling.  Its pretty hairy code in there..

A couple of side issues here:

1) Why not start with the FreeBSD driver?
2) It's likely that you want to move a large portion of the linux 
interrupt handler code into the RTEMS driver rx/tx thread(s).  None of 
the RTEMS network stack code should be called from an interrupt handler.

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