m68k/efi332 pb in boot_card() in flash

busy.lab at free.fr busy.lab at free.fr
Thu May 22 20:04:36 UTC 2003


I use a modified efi332 bsp (68332). The modifications are limited to chip
select + linker script. It runs fine in ram.

When in flash, it looks like I don't go beyond the line:
bsp_isr_level = rtems_initialize_executive_early( &BSP_Configuration, &Cpu_table );
...in boot_card(). I don't even seem to execute any C line of code into

I end up in the bsp _reboot exception handler, possibly trigered by a regular
call to reboot or trap 15 (all triggering a reboot in the original BSP). I since
changed the exception routine to stop.

I also zeroed the stack in the early stage: I can see the return address to
boot_card and the parameters addresses, so I actually entered
rtems_initialize_executive_early. But it look like there have been a lot
activity on the stack since there, in spite of no "visible" results, just the
trap 15. A gdb/bdm info reg then gives weird sp and fp, out of the stack.
Though, dumping the stack I can see the return address to dumby_start() and
boot_card() so they were correctly initialized and used at some point... I
didn't localized an exception stack frame in it yet.

BSP_Configuration, Cpu_table, the VBR and EVT looks correct as far as I can tell.

Any idea?
gdb/bdm suggestion to ease flash code debugging are sure welcomed, too :)
Jean-Baptiste Maillet

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