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Tue May 20 13:03:20 UTC 2003

Bert wrote:
> Hi,all,
> i found a command "size_rtems" in the documnet
> <<RTEMS Development Environment Guide>>,
> it is useful, but i can not find it in the
> directory /opt/rtems/bin. why?

It has been broken by a number of improvements and
reorganizations in RTEMS.  The first thing that broke
it was splitting managers into multiple files.  

A better approach which I experimented with was to
use TARGET-ld with a specific list of undefined symbols
and see how large the resulting footprint was.  But this
isn't really comparable to what size_rtems reported since
it ends up pulling in all of the core dependencies.  For
example, if you did this with rtems_task_create and
rtems_task_delete, you would likely find that both results
appear about the same size and share a lot of dependencies.

Mark and I worked on the concept of example applications which
met what we felt was a common profile.  This seems more 
useful than "how large is function X?"  The application profiles
were for a specific BSP included:

   + with and without POSIX enabled
     + samples/minimum 
     + hello 
     + ticker 
   + networking with no servers (all networking used loopback)
   + ftpd
   + httpd
   + both ftpd and httpd

Size information is IMO largely bogus unless it is tailored to
your specific requirements.  I thought the application profiles
were promising but never got a whole lot of feedback on them.
They required a fair amount of manual effort to compile.


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