gcc 3.2.3/newlib 1.11.0 Binaries out

Eric Valette eric.valette at free.fr
Sat May 24 08:46:05 UTC 2003

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> I asked the newlib maintainer about the possibility of a release and he 
> had no immediate plans for one.  If you can provide a nice argument for
> making one, the possibility is always there.  I was not completely aware
> of all changes that a release would address.

Well neither am I. Just I looked at the various changelog and CVS 
history while hunting the ix86 bug and saw that a lot of things have 
been done (mostly new code addition) and also some FP fixes...

> I would prefer to go with a real newlib release.  And knowing the newlib
> maintainer, a good argument will result in one.  

I have no problem with that. I was just making a suggestion. BTW, the 
CVS newlib has some but not all the patches you have for the 1.11 
version (from memory some ARM stuff is missing).

-- eric

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